Our technology saves lives and improves quality of life.

RE2 Robotics was founded with one purpose: to develop technology that saves lives.

RE2 develops mobile robotic technologies that enable users to remotely interact with their world from a safe distance -- whether on the ground, in the air, or underwater. RE2 creates interoperable robotic manipulator arms with human-like performance, intuitive human robot interfaces, and advanced autonomy software.

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We are dedicated to providing our employees with meaningful work in a creative environment. Without our talented team we wouldn't be able to develop incredible life-saving technology. Interested in developing technology that helps to save lives? Join our team!

We have an opening for a Principal Research Scientist. Apply your technical talents to developing robotic systems that save the lives of people working in dangerous careers and improve the quality of life for people with limited physical capabilities. Help lead the research and development of RE2 Robotics’ efforts in autonomous and semi-autonomous manipulation, including implementing state-of-the-art machine learning to the problems of computer vision and manipulator path-planning.

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