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RE2, Inc. is a leading developer of Intelligent Modular Manipulation Systems. RE2’s goal is to advance the state of the art of mobile manipulation and develop technologies that benefit robot users in the defense, public safety, and other markets. RE2 is developing mobile manipulation systems that are stronger, more dexterous, more versatile, more intuitive, smarter, and more affordable. RE2's development efforts are focused on creating interoperable manipulation systems, intuitive human robot interfaces, and advanced autonomy software for mobile robotics.


Careers >

RE2 is hiring! We are looking for a Senior Electrical Engineer and Senior Mechanical Engineer to join our team. Visit the Careers section of our website to learn more about these exciting opportunities!


R&D Projects >

RE2 engineers are always working to push the state of the art of robotic manipulation. Check out our list of R&D projects and learn more about what our team is doing in the lab and in the field.


Manipulator Arms >

RE2 is known for its manipulation expertise. Check out our new, lightweight, power-dense, modular manipulator, DM4-A, and our entire family of manipulators.