Andrew Davison is the Director of Software Engineering at RE2 Robotics. Andrew oversees RE2’s team of software engineers, along with software policy and procedures.  He also works alongside Allen Bancroft, Director of Hardware Engineering, to define company engineering policy and procedures.

Andrew joined the company as a senior software engineer in 2010 and was promoted to principal software engineer in 2013. He has managed numerous projects during his tenure at RE2, including two drop-in robotic systems currently in development with the U.S. Air Force.

Andrew is a Pittsburgh native and graduate of Allegheny College, where he earned his B.S. in theoretical physical chemistry and a minor in behavioral psychology. He moved to Chattanooga after graduation to work as a programmer and analyst for various companies, including the Tennessee Valley Authority, before returning to Pittsburgh. He says he’s motivated by Pittsburgh’s emerging distinction as a technology powerhouse—particularly on “Robotics Row.”

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