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RE2, Inc. Donates $850,000 Robot to UTA


RE2 Robotic Nursing Assistant - RNARE2, Inc. announced today that the Company has donated a Robotic Nursing Assistant (RNA) assistive healthcare robot to The University of Texas at Arlington’s Research Institute. The donation, valued at $850,000, was announced today at the official launch of the UT Arlington Research Institute’s Assistive Robotics Lab. RE2 President and CEO, Jorgen Pedersen, was in attendance to officially gift the RNA robot to the university. Check out the press release for more details.




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RE2 Selected for DARPA Robotics Challenge


RE2, Inc. Selected to Participate in DARPA Robotics Challenge - RE2 to focus on advancing the state of the art of autonomy and perception software – RE2, Inc., in partnership with Soar Technology, Inc. and the University of Texas at Arlington, has been selected as a performer on the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency’s (DARPA) latest cutting edge robotics program entitled the DARPA Robotics Challenge (DRC). The goal of the DRC program is to develop and demonstrate innovative robotics technologies for disaster response operations such as in natural disasters or industrial accidents. The technology is intended to allow a robot to perform complex tasks in dangerous or degraded environments considered too dangerous for humans. RE2 was selected as one of 11 teams that are being funded by DARPA to develop software that will run in a government-provided simulation environment. > Read the press release

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RE2 Wins JIEDDO Endurance Challenge


RE2, Inc. Wins JIEDDO Endurance Challenge RE2, Inc. announced today that the Company’s ForeRunner Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) won the Endurance Challenge, Dismounted Support Category at the Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) 2012 Counter-IED Robotics Challenge, held at Fort Benning, Georgia on June 28th.

JIEDDO held its first challenge-based acquisitions event during the U.S. Army Robotics Rodeo June 20-29. The goal of the event was to find new ways to improve speed and freedom of maneuverability in the counter-IED environment using robotics. RE2 participated in the Endurance Challenge, which measured the speed and endurance of robots over a road meant to resemble the terrain of Afghanistan and Iraq. RE2’s ForeRunner UGV recorded the fastest time to complete the dismount support, 8.6km, Counter-IED Endurance Robotics Challenge.

Check out the details in the press release.

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