DM4-A2: Lightweight, Powerful, Modular Manipulation

The DM4-A2 is a highly modular robotic arm. The DM4-A2 is composed of a 4-DOF manipulator and a 2-finger gripper. The manipulator and end-effector are attached via RE2's End-Effector Interface

The DM4-A2 is compliant with the AEODRS architecture, meaning that it interoperates physically, electrically, and logically with other AEODRS Capability Modules. Also, the DM4-A2 is compliant with Interoperability Profiles (IOP), as was demonstrated under the ESR Program. The DM4-A2 can be set up to be either AEODRS-compliant or IOP-compliant.

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The DM4-A2 can be seen in action in the video below. To learn more, Contact RE2.

Presenting the AEODRS and IOP compliant DM4-A2 Manipulator integrated on the IOP compliant Dragon Runner™ 10 Interoperable (DR 10-I) by QinetiQ North America.