Employee Spotlight - Andre

What project(s) are you currently working on, and what do you find interesting or exciting about this project and/or its resulting technology?

Working on HDMS, I find excitement in the growing and improving of the HDMS system. Eliminating problems and constantly updating the system to perform better.


What do you enjoy most about working at RE2?

The environment and my coworkers.


If you could switch jobs with anyone else at RE2 for one day, whose job would you want and why?

Mechanical Engineering or CNC Machinist, Brian Sinz. I have interest in becoming a mechanical engineer. Having a mind that can design things, and make it work as a system is amazing to me. Becoming a CNC machinist is the next step for me-- it's like working with a robot to machine parts.


Where did you go to school/receive your training? Which course was most relevant to your work at RE2?

University of Pittsburgh Manufacturing Assistance Center and New Century Careers (Pittsburgh).


What task(s) would you most like to see a robotic arm perform?

Disarm a bomb.


What do you enjoy about living in Pittsburgh?

The development and growing of the city. It's home. I was born and raised in the city.


When you're not working on robots, how do you enjoy spending your time?

I enjoy restoring classic cars and motorcycles, traveling, watching sports, playing video games, and working with my hands.  I enjoy fixing things, such as cars and electronics. I love replacing iPhone screens.

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