Employee Spotlight - Drake

When you call or visit RE2, the first person you’ll likely talk to is Drake Cooper, our enthusiastic and hardworking administrative specialist. The recipient of RE2’s first Core Values Award for Positivity, Drake joined the company in 2019.


What is a typical day at RE2 like for you?

A typical day for me starts with catching up on anything that needs to be processed from the evening before. During that time, I am also usually saying good morning to as many people here at RE2 as I can. After that, if I'm not bouncing between answering the door or the phone, I try to make myself available to help out whoever might need it! Closer to the end of the day, I work on purchasing the products we need. 

What do you enjoy most about working at RE2?

I really love the people and the atmosphere here. While the work everyone does is exciting and in most cases ground-breaking, it never ceases to amaze me that everyone remains so focused and driven to succeed as a team.


If you could switch jobs with anyone else at RE2 for one day, whose job would you want and why?

Andre Swain! Don't get me wrong, I would be an absolute TERROR trying to do what he successfully does day in and day out, but I would like to see what some of those machines we have in the shop can do. "What can drill through what? What can bend this or that?" I have so many questions…


Where did you go to school/receive your training and what was your major? Which course was most relevant to your work at RE2? Explain.

I was a Susquehanna University Communications major, with an emphasis in public relations. On a day-to-day basis, I'd say my Interpersonal Communications class probably provided me with the most resources.


What task(s) would you most like to see a robotic arm perform?

Archaeology! There are some places on Earth, be that through an impossibly narrow entryway to a forgotten tomb or deep under the vast oceans, where our history and treasures of the past remain frustratingly just out of reach or incredibly dangerous to get to. I would love to see robotic arms hunting treasure!


What is your favorite robot (real or fictional)?

Robot. That's what they call him for the most part, but his formal designation is B-9 Class M-3 General Utility Non-Theorizing Environmental Control Robot, and he is the family robot of the Robinsons in “Lost in Space.” They turned him into a super hero in the new version of the show and he's pretty sweet.


What do you enjoy about living in Pittsburgh?

I love that you can be close to the amenities of a city, while living in a small, quiet community just a short drive away.


What other jobs have you held?

My grandparents own a blueberry farm, so for the majority of my summers growing up as a kid and continuing through high school, every summer I was a blueberry farmer!


Where do you see robotics going in the next 25 years?

I think the world of prosthetics can continue to be positively impacted by robotics. Giving people the ability to walk, reach, touch and even speak again or for the very first time is where I can see a robotic future.


When you’re not at work, how do you like spending your time?
In my free time, I'm outside as often as I can be. I play, watch and coach soccer, I volunteer for the local Special Olympics of PA, and I've recently taken up fly fishing as well. 

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