Jess Jordan-Pedersen


Jess Jordan-Pedersen is the Director of Marketing for RE2 Robotics. Jess joined the company in 2003 to lend her marketing expertise to the growing robotics firm. Prior to RE2, Jess was the Vice President of Marketing and Communications for ServiceWare, Inc., a Pittsburgh-based CRM software company. At ServiceWare, a publicly traded company, Jess led both the corporate and marketing communications groups. She also interfaced with industry analysts, financial analysts, and worked closely with the company's sales teams to ensure success in the market.

Jess started her career in Marketing in Southern California in 1992 after graduating from the Pennsylvania State University. She worked for both high-tech software and hardware firms, learning the ropes in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry. Today, Jess is one of the foremost experts on high-tech marketing in the region.  She uses her 25 years of experience to not only promote RE2 Robotics, but to continue building Pittsburgh's reputation as RoboBurgh.