Tim Davison


Tim Davison is the Chief Engineer at RE2 Robotics. Tim joined RE2 in 2005 and currently oversees the software engineering efforts at RE2. Tim has been involved in numerous robotics projects including the first product released by RE2, the RE2 JAUS SDK and the communication infrastructure for a UAV engineering services project. Tim was also instrumental in the development of our CARNAC system.

Prior to working at RE2, Tim worked at TiVo, Inc. Tim joined TiVo before their product was on the market and helped develop the software for the first DVR on the market.  Tim also holds 2 patents from his time at TiVo. Before working at TiVo, Tim worked at Silicon Graphics in the Demo Team which created graphical demos to showcase new workstations.

Tim has a B.S. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.