LIFELINE Lift Assist & Casualty Cushioning System


In an active battle zone, the role of the combat medic remains one of the most dangerous and demanding occupations in the military. Extracting a wounded soldier from the point of injury to a transport vehicle as quickly and efficiently as possible is of critical importance to both the medic and the casualty. By allowing a single person to quickly lift and stow up to two litters (stretchers) on a vehicle for subsequent evacuation, the LIFELINE system provides a practical and uncomplicated solution for unmanned casualty extraction.


Features & Benefits

  • Enables a single person to lift up to 300 lbs.

  • Litter vibration attenuation provided by cushioning system

  • Ballistic protection panels provide extra security during transport

  • Versatile design allows LIFELINE to be used on manned or unmanned vehicles

  • Minimal platform footprint

  • Installs within 10 minutes

  • Lightweight components allow installation by a single person

Designed to minimize physical and cognitive burden for the combat medic, the LIFELINE system can be assembled in the field or prior to mission deployment within 10 minutes. With its space-efficient design, LIFELINE allows a Squad-Multipurpose Equipment Transport (S-MET) vehicle to be used for its primary mission of squad supply transport while also enabling rapid reconfiguration to provide medical evacuation. In addition to casualty evacuation, LIFELINE can be used as a basic lifting mechanism to minimize musculoskeletal injuries to service personnel.

For more information, please download our LIFELINE datasheet and contact our business development team.