Maritime Dexterous Manipulation System

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With 90 percent of global trade conducted by sea, Waterborne Improvised Explosive Devices (WBIEDs) and mines pose a significant threat to our vessels, bridge and ports. When placed in congested areas such as bridge pilings, WBIEDS are particularly difficult to access and defeat. Recognizing the inherent dangers present in the detection and inspection of WBIEDs, there is a critical need for robotic systems that can perform Explosive Ordnance Disposal tasks with the accuracy and speed of a naval diver.

Recognizing this need, RE2’s researchers set out to design an agile, human-like system for the inspection and detection of WBIEDs, using the same technology and capabilities present in our dual-arm Highly Dexterous Manipulation System (HDMS). The result? RE2’s Maritime Dexterous Manipulation System, or MDMS.

The electromechanical MDMS features dual robotic manipulator arms that can be mounted onto a variety of third-party underwater remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

Features & Benefits:

  • Electronically driven, energy-saving system

  • Lightweight, compact design

  • Two symmetrical six-degree-of-freedom arms

  • Neutral buoyancy

  • Closed, sealed design protects electrical system from water ingress and grit

  • Multi-level corrosion management system

  • Open architecture that supports JAUS and ROS

  • Designed to integrate with existing ROVs, including those made by Teledyne Seabotix, General Dynamics Mission Systems and Oceaneering.

  • Teleoperated control via our Imitative Controller


Download the MDMS Datasheet for detailed features, benefits, and specifications.

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Download our MDMS eBook, The Next Frontier: Maritime Dexterous Manipulation System for more details and system specifications.

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