RE2 offers innovative, power-dense manipulators ranging from small, lightweight arms to large, workhorse arms.  RE2′s manipulators are available as hardened products and R&D technologies. All of RE2’s manipulators provide smooth, precise tool-point or direct joint control allowing UGVs to be more efficient and effective.  All classes of RE2 manipulators incorporate the following design features that enhance adaptability and modularity:

  •  Self-contained on-board computing
  •  Support for common protocols (e.g. CAN and Ethernet)
  •  Compatibility with interoperability standards and products (e.g. JAUS and ROS)
  •  Adaptability to wide range of power systems (Typical range 12V to 60V)
  •  Ability to interface with RE2’s Quick Releases for automatic tool changing capability


Powerful, lightweight, crew-serviceable manipulator arm for the Macro USA Armadillo Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicle.


Dexterous, powerful modular manipulator for the Remotec Andros HD-2 robotic platform.



Lightweight, modular, power-dense robotic arm developed under the AEODRS program for the dismounted class of EOD platforms. For more information, please contact us.

Imitative Controller

An innovative solution for intuitive control of dexterous dual-arm manipulation systems.