The DS1-MA robotic manipulator is one of RE2′s smallest robotic arms, which offers power-dense manipulation for small/micro unmanned ground vehicles.  The DS1-MA is well-suited for robots used for dismounted operations.

The DS1-MA is specifically designed for the Macro USA Armadillo Micro Unmanned Ground Vehicle (MUGV). The Armadillo MUGV is a lightweight and highly versatile robot. It can be easily thrown in order to access dangerous areas or remote targets to conduct search, reconnaissance, surveillance, and inspection tasks for Military, Law Enforcement or Security agencies.

Features of the DS1-MA Include:

  • Aluminum camera housing with captive thumb screw for tool-less pan/tilt adjustment (supports different camera configurations)
  • Streamlined and discreet wire routing (reduces snags)
  • Impact resistant reinforced ABS housing (provides minimum IP65 sealing)
  • Captured thumb screws (allows tool-less installation in under 30 seconds)
  • Optional guard (improves impact survivability)
  • Robust connectors (withstands harsh environments)
  • Spring compliant carbon fiber camera mast improves visibility (provides bird’s eye view for manipulation, elevated view for driving, and under vehicle inspection capability)

Download DS1-MA PDF Datasheet 

Click here for DS1-MA Specs

If you are interested in acquiring an Armadillo MUGV with the DS1-MA manipulator arm, please contact us today.