Manipulators on currently fielded robots are typically limited to a two-finger gripper, restricting the types of tasks and missions that can be performed. RE2’s Family of Quick Releases allows the end-effector tools at the end of a robotic arm to be changed, either manually or automatically. RE2’s tool-changing Quick Releases allow new, innovative end-effectors and specialized tools to be easily integrated onto fielded and next-generation robots, increasing the types of tasks that those robots can perform. All of RE2 Quick Releases are compatible with RE2’s family of manipulators, but can also be integrated onto third-party manipulators and end-effectors to increase their utility.

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QDM-A, QTA-A, QBA-A - AEODRS End Effector Interface Family

RE2 has developed a family of tool-changing end-effector interfaces to be used across all three vehicle classes within the Advanced EOD Robotic System (AEODRS) program.

The tool-changing design has a number of important features. The design is scalable, lightweight, strong, capable of transmitting high electrical currents, and has high data rate signals. The systems are based on rugged and proven technology.  The tool-changing quick-release interface supports automatic tool change for the two larger classes and manual tool change for all classes of robots.  The system also provides adaptors so that smaller tools can be used on any larger manipulator.

QDM-A - Quick-release Dismounted Manual
Weight: 0.40 lbs  Working Load: 10 lbs
QTA-A - Quick-release Tactical Automatic
Weight: 0.98 lbs  Working Load: 110 lbs
QBA-A - Quick-release Base Automatic
Weight: 3.51 lbs   Working Load: 400 lbs

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