ForeRunner RDV

The ForeRunner RDV (Research & Development Vehicle) is the fastest, most stable UGV of its class available on the market today. Originally designed under a US Army Phase II SBIR as a high-speed scouting and inspection UGV, the ForeRunner RDV combines the speed of a small scout UGV with the physical inspection capabilities of man-portable tracked robot. Its unique agility makes it capable of precision maneuvers not seen in other UGVs. Its intuitive control makes it easy for even the most novice user to become proficient at operating the ForeRunner RDV in a minimal amount of time.

The ForeRunner RDV’s modularity and EAR99 classification make it ideal for university- based research. The ForeRunner RDV supports interoperability standards and products such as the Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems (JAUS) and the Robot Operating System (ROS), providing an excellent foundation for third-party navigation and sensor development.

Key features include:
- All-wheel Steering = High maneuverability
- Advanced Software = Simple operation and excellent control
- Sophisticated Suspension = Controlled, stable, high-speed travel
- Modular Payloads = Adaptability to multiple missions

Download the ForeRunner RDV Datasheet PDF

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ForeRunner was featured as an Army Success Story in the October 2012 Army SBIR Newsletter.

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