RE2, Inc. Announces New Lightweight Modular Robotic Arm – DM4-A2

- RE2 Integrates Arm onto QinetiQ North America’s IOP compliant Dragon Runner™ 10 Interoperable -


PITTSBURGH, PA – May 19, 2015 – RE2, Inc., a leading developer of modular robotic manipulation systems, announced today that the company has developed a new high-performance robotic arm. The DM4-A2 robotic arm is highly modular, lightweight, and power-dense. The DM4-A2 is composed of a 4-degree-of-freedom manipulator and a 2-finger gripper. The manipulator and gripper are attached via RE2's End-Effector Interface.

The DM4-A2 can be easily mounted on to unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) for use by the military’s dismounted units.  The addition of a robotic arm onto a UGV enhances the robot’s capabilities and ability to remotely interact with the environment. RE2 recently integrated the DM4-A2 onto the IOP compliant Dragon Runner™ 10 Interoperable (DR 10-I) by QinetiQ North America. The integrated system can be viewed in a demonstration video at

“RE2 is dedicated to developing interoperable technologies that easily integrate onto the industry’s leading robotic platforms,” stated Jorgen Pedersen, president and CEO of RE2. “The integration of our new DM4-A2 robotic arm onto QinetiQ’s DR 10-I is an excellent example of an interoperable system that meets the military’s current need for a modular lightweight robot.”

The DM4-A2 is compliant with the Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robotic System (AEODRS) architecture, meaning that it interoperates physically, electrically, and logically with other AEODRS Capability Modules. Also, the DM4-A2 is compliant with Interoperability Profiles (IOP). The DM4-A2 can be configured to be either AEODRS-compliant or IOP-compliant.


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