Allen Bancroft (left) and Andrew Davison join the RE2 Robotics leadership team.

Allen Bancroft (left) and Andrew Davison join the RE2 Robotics leadership team.

RE2 has promoted two of its employees to the leadership team. Allen Bancroft has been named Director of Hardware Engineering, and Andrew Davison is now Director of Software Engineering.

In his new role, Allen will oversee RE2’s team of mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, designers and machinists. He also will assist in overall system designs. Andrew will manage RE2’s team of software engineers, along with software policy and procedures.  The two directors will work together to define company-wide engineering policy and procedures.

Allen Bancroft

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Allen, who has three decades of experience in robotics, product development and engineering, joined the company in 2017 as a principal project engineer. During his tenure at RE2, he has led the engineering and design of two drop-in robotic system projects, which are in development with the U.S. Air Force.

Allen’s connection to RE2 dates back to the company’s early days, when he had worked as a robotics contractor for the company.

“I have always been impressed with the level of engineers working here,” Allen says. “I loved watching RE2 grow. I kept in touch with several members of the team over the years and thought it would be great if I could eventually work there full-time.”

A native of Bloomfield Connecticut, Allen earned his bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from DeVry University in New Jersey and an MBA from the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. He also received his Six Sigma Black Belt from Virginia Commonwealth University in Virginia. Prior to joining RE2, he served as a senior product manager and a vice president of operations at different robotics companies.

As a director, Allen says he looks forward to promoting a team environment at RE2.

“It’s important to allow all members to add input and collectively execute on a plan,” Allen says. “There is never a stupid question or stupid idea in meetings that I host. I love to sit back and hear the free-flowing ideas surface and then help structure a plan to execute.” 

“Allen brings decades of experience in developing innovative robotic solutions and products to RE2, and we are excited to have him join our leadership team,” says President and CEO Jorgen Pedersen. “His commitment and passion for finding inventive solutions to complex problems is nothing short of inspiring.”

Allen says he is constantly motivated by RE2’s commitment to saving lives and improving quality of life.

“The work that we do is very inspiring and challenging,” he says. “I am most excited and looking forward to watching RE2 grow with additional talented and dedicated employees.”

Andrew Davison

Andrew joined the company as a senior software engineer in 2010 and was promoted to principal software engineer in 2013. He has managed numerous projects during his tenure at RE2, and has contributed to the development of land, air and sea systems for the Department of Defense.

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Now part of RE2’s leadership team, Andrew says he believes in accepting input from all team members—and trusting people to complete their work.

“If a course change is required, then make it. Don’t be stagnant and not try new things—that stops innovation in its tracks,” he says. “I believe in giving people a challenge that forces them to stretch their boundaries, whether real or perceived.”

An experienced engineer, Andrew looks forward to helping his team find innovative solutions to customer needs—especially when solving those complex challenges leads to personal and professional growth.

“We have a lot of incredibly talented people here at RE2,” he says. “The RE2 team has helped me grow both professionally and technically throughout my tenure as an engineer. In my new role, I hope to foster the same growth and leadership within my own team. I am excited to have the opportunity to collaborate with department heads and affect change throughout the organization. This collaboration will lead to new and innovative robotic solutions to our customers’ most difficult engineering challenges.”

"As a company, when we recognize great leadership qualities in our employees, we encourage them to pursue opportunities for growth," says Pedersen. "Throughout his time with RE2, Andrew has been an extremely proactive leader.  His enrollment in this year's Catalyst Connection Emerging Leaders in Manufacturing training is testament to that fact."

Pedersen continues, "Andrew is consistently looking for ways to build upon his leadership and technical skills. His can-do attitude is contagious and I'm certain that he will be a positive motivator for our entire team."

Andrew is a Pittsburgh native and graduate of Allegheny College, where he earned his B.S. in theoretical physical chemistry and a minor in behavioral psychology. He moved to Chattanooga after graduation to work as a programmer and analyst for various companies, including the Tennessee Valley Authority, before returning to Pittsburgh. He says he’s motivated by Pittsburgh’s emerging distinction as a technology powerhouse—particularly on “Robotics Row.”

“I think Pittsburgh’s transformation has been happening over my entire career, even though I have only been present for part of it,” he explains. “The speed of the change has only heightened since I moved here from Chattanooga in 2010.  It is invigorating to be around so much new technology.”