From our HDMS dual-arm manipulation system to our underwater robotic arms, RE2 Robotics is known for its modular manipulation systems. All of our robotic arm technologies originated from our defense R&D efforts. In 2006, RE2 won its first SBIR grant from the U.S. Army to develop a Small Robotic Toolkit, consisting of a simple manipulator arm with interchangeable end-effector tools. From there, the company received numerous new R&D programs to develop manipulators to assist the military.

Today, after working on dozens of R&D programs for the U.S. Department of Defense, our team of seasoned engineers and researchers, are taking our development efforts to the next level. We are working on a variety of unmanned underwater, air, assistive technology and autonomy programs that utilize our manipulation, human robot interface, interoperability standards, system integration, simulation and autonomy capabilities.


In addition to Defense and Assistive Healthcare, RE2 is working with organizations in numerous industries to help them implement robotics and disrupt the competition. From Oil & Gas and Energy to Aviation and Aerospace, RE2 is taking on complex engineering challenges to help their industry partners succeed.

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