Why Pittsburgh?


Doug Peters, VP of Operations, is a Pittsburgh-area native who moved away from the city to pursue out-of-state career opportunities—but was lured back in 2010 by RE2’s innovative technology and dynamic environment.

What did you find unique about RE2 that made you want to come to Pittsburgh?

For me, moving to Pittsburgh was a combination of factors. It’s where I’m from and where my parents live. I grew up here and I love Pittsburgh itself. If those things weren’t true, I would not have been open to other opportunities. In fact, Pittsburgh is the only town that could have drawn me away from the rewarding and lucrative position that I was in. However, it wasn’t just the move to the ‘Burgh that enticed me. RE2 has a dynamic leader with a well-defined market sector, and I saw huge potential for growth and a stellar reputation within that sector. I liked Jorgen’s vision and the energy that you can feel when you walk through the halls from people doing interesting, significant work. In short, RE2 has great technology in a rapidly growing field and an immaculate reputation as a technology leader. We are pursuing numerous markets and have huge growth potential. For these reasons, I decided to leave my upwardly mobile position at another leading research company to join RE2. 

What do you like best about living in the Pittsburgh area?

Pittsburgh offers the art and culture of a big city but with a small-town size. It is easy to get around and easy to get involved in a community and charity activities and then attend a concert from a world-class symphony or a lecture at a leading national university or see rare artifacts or great works of art at one of our many museums. You can also experience the unique architecture of a city formed by water and steel. And all of this is in addition to Pittsburgh’s amazing colleges and professional sports teams. 

What advice would you give to folks who are considering relocating for work?

I have relocated many times for my jobs prior to settling down in Pittsburgh. Based on my moves, my best advice is to find a place to live where you’re comfortable but in close proximity to the things you spend the most time doing. The commute to work can dictate your ability to participate in school activities or to get home for dinner before an evening meeting with your favorite charity. 

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