Why Pittsburgh?

In this month’s “Why Pittsburgh” feature, we’re talking to Travis Schneider, RE2 Business Development Manager.

Travis is a native of Wisconsin who journeyed through several states, including Ohio, Michigan and California, before finally settling in the ‘Burgh.

What do you like best about living in Pittsburgh?

For a relatively small city, Pittsburgh has a lot to offer. First, I would say I enjoy the Pittsburgh culture, which is quite broad reaching. In my mind, it ranges from proud, multi-generational natives who love to boast about its many professional sport teams to techies and transplants like myself who have ventured to Pittsburgh from all walks of life. Second is the food scene. For its size, Pittsburgh has a lot of restaurants that cover just about any cuisine you can imagine, as well as high-quality establishments that stack up well against most restaurants you can find in the U.S. Last, but certainly not least, is the cost of living. Compared to just about every place I’ve lived, I would say Pittsburgh is among the most affordable. Not only does the city offer a lot culture, sports, and food, but you can generally afford it as well.


What advice would you give to those who are looking to relocate to a new city for work?

Relocating, especially moving away from home, was daunting, but it has allowed me to grow and become a much more well-rounded person. Moving is always stressful, but it also allows you an opportunity for a fresh start and a chance to establish your own identity.


What do you find unique about working at RE2 that makes you want to remain in Pittsburgh?

First, I think Pittsburghers are all together unique. Pittsburgh sits between the Midwest and East Coast and, as such, I think it shares the best traits of both. Growing up in the Midwest, I see many similarities in how friendly Pittsburghers are to one another. Pittsburghers are generally kind and approachable, but at the same time are very progressively minded. In addition, I think Pittsburghers often have a very can-do mentality, and possess an entrepreneurial, innovative spirit. As such, I think many Pittsburghers truly believe and strive to make an impact in the world.


Where did you live before to moving to Pittsburgh, and how do those areas compare to "Roboburgh"? 

I grew up in a small rural town called Kiel, Wisconsin, and spent my college years in Milwaukee. After college, I lived in Cleveland, Ohio; Kalamazoo, Michigan; Santa Rosa, California and the Boston area before moving to Reading, Pennsylvania. Where Pittsburgh has reinvented itself as a software, med tech and robotics hub, Midwestern towns still generally cling to traditional heavy industries. Boston, on the other hand, has a bustling hub of industries similar to Pittsburgh, and California has amazing views and weather. However, traffic and the cost of living in those areas were less than desirable when compared to Pittsburgh. Reading is a small town with limited industry, which lead me and my wife to finally move to Pittsburgh about six years ago. She and I both found new employment quickly in Pittsburgh, and we continue to be enamored with the countless things to do in and around the Pittsburgh area.

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